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Deen City Farm, showing volunteers putting up the Gazebo which was purchased by Embassy of Man
Helen Morgan Cardiff Bay ‘Operation Christmas Child’

We our the helping hand

Embassy of Mankind (UK Registered Charity 1095202) was established in 2003 and was designed to help and support local charities near to our hotels. We were particularly interested in supporting charities who did not receive government funding and who worked with the elderly, infirm and local children from underprivileged backgrounds and disabilities.

The contributions are received mainly from guests, corporate clients and other business associates. Every penny we collect finds its way directly to the sharp end as only tangible goods are purchased benefiting many users. Furthermore all administrative costs associated with running the charity are met by our management company so that all the monies donated can be used to make a positive difference in as many lives as possible. We have managed to fund a variety of causes in many different ways since the charity was established and with the help of our members of staff and our guests, hope to continue the good work. Please see our newsletters for further information.

The monies received from our hotels, provide amongst other things, wheelchairs and medical chairs to hospices, medical equipment to hospitals, computer-based programmes for children suffering from dyslexia and other learning disabilities. Our enthusiastic members of staff are continuing the good work by submitting as many nominations as possible – in that way Embassy of Man can continue the charitable donations on a regular basis.

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Our Vision is to make a positive difference in both the local community and worldwide.

We do this by helping underprivileged children, the physically handicapped and the elderly by; giving only tangible goods, transparent giving, reporting back to supporters, staff involvement on various levels and raising awareness of needs in local communities